It's like having your own Personal Assistant....
Imagine how it would feel to have someone you know and trust providing business support and marketing services to you. What could you accomplish with your own dedicated, experienced Executive Assistant working alongside you whenever you needed her (only when you needed her).

....without the overhead
Imagine the possibilities if you found someone with advanced technical skills and years of experience, who worked out of her own office space, used and maintained her own equipment, and kept up to date with the latest office technologies and software - all at her own expense!

....without the responsibility
Imagine never having to pay employee salary, health insurance, FICA taxes, vacation pay, sick pay, holiday pay, and the myriad other costs associated with a direct hire. Imagine never having to worry about employment laws.

....without the commitment
Imagine having a resource like this available for you to call upon only when needed. One hour a week, a month, a year, a lifetime. You and only you decide how much time you need.

Sounds too good to be true?
With a Virtual Assistant from Swift Office Services, that is exactly what you get. A self employed administrative professional who works with you on an as needed basis from her own fully equipped office. She bills only for the amount of time spent working on your projects, and takes care of all her own taxes, insurance, equipment, maintenance etc. etc. Just like using any other contractor's services, you call upon us when you need us, and pay only for what you use.




"I've worked with virtual assistants for more than a decade. By far, Yvonne is the best. She goes well beyond traditional document development; she has worked to know my business, my goals, and my approach to work.”
Gary Hubbell
Gary Hubbell Consulting

Microsoft Office Specialist

Virtual Assistant Certified WorldWide Program
Swift Office Services

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